My child loved the books and looked forward to bringing home the bag each week.  He is now so proud of his own blue library book bag with his library card attached.  He takes it with us every time we go to the library.  Great program!

RAR is an extraordinary program since it helps us spend more time together with our children and motivates them to learn. Thank you for this GRAND program.

The library is now part of our weekly routine and she feels like such a BIG girl having her own library card and blue bag.

My toddler reads the books in the car on the way home, and then reads them to BIG brother at bedtime. We also love the books in Spanish as our children will attend bilingual kindergarten and it gives them good exposure to Spanish. 

I think it really gives family a special time to spend with each other because sometimes we get so busy we forget about what is important.

My little girl loves to read and we have been getting more materials to teach her the alphabet. Our older daughter helps since I don’t understand English. Everyone in the family is involved now and doing all that it’s possible to help.

Reading to my children not only helps their development but also forces me to sit down, relax and spend time ALONE with each child.

Awesome program. We are so lucky to have it. Thank you for what you do for our children!