Raising A Reader Book Bag – Pre-kindergarten program

  • Provides 1,700 children under the age of six with a weekly book bag and four age-appropriate books.
  • Books are kept for a week, returned and then replaced with another four books.
  • Children participate in 95 preschool classrooms from Aspen to Parachute.

Raising A Reader Book Bag Program for School-age Children

  • Encourages family read-aloud sessions so that children continue to hear more advanced language, vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • Provides books for kindergarten children to take home each week.
  • Book bags may include a few first reader titles to encourage reading practice at home

Parent Engagement

Family Literacy Events

  • Helps parents strengthen critical literacy and language-building interactions at home.
  • Parents learn strategies to turn any storybook into a discussion about pictures, concepts, personal experiences, alphabet and numbers, and awareness of the larger world.
  • Reminds parents that storybooks and exposure to an abundance of language prior to kindergarten are critical precursors to reading success.
  • More than 1,200 parents participate annually from Parachute to Aspen.

Parent/Child Peer Groups

  • Designed for low-income families whose children are not enrolled in preschool.
  • Small groups of parents and children meet weekly in neighborhoods from Rifle to Basalt.
  • Each session includes an activity for the children, discussions among parents, and the weekly book bags for each child.
  • Parents improve family bonds that build language skills for reading readiness and also support the social/emotional development of children for school success.

Linking to Libraries

Library Introduction Program

  • Introduces library resources to children and their families.
  • Raising A Reader classrooms take a field trip each spring to their community’s library – 70 field trips annually.
  • Children receive their first library card attached to a new, blue Raising A Reader library book bag – a gift for each child to keep. They then begin checking out books!