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  • Increases family involvement through books.
  • Inspires a child’s love of reading.
  • Broadens child’s and parents’ multi-cultural knowledge.
  • Exposes kids to higher quality books than parents usually are able to provide.
  • Makes kids feel responsible and in charge …building their sense of confidence.
  • Links the classroom to the home. 
  • Engages parents to talk to their children about respecting books.
  • Provides an opportunity to talk to parents frequently about the importance of reading.


  • Consistent excitement of children to take home the book bags.
  • I love it when the kids send parents in to pick up their red bag even when they are out sick, they do not want to miss it!
  • Kids have increased attention spans from being read to at home. 
  • Kids talking frequently about the book bag books.
  • Children now exposed to a larger variety of books, the bilingual and Spanish books are fantastic too. Something we do not have many of in our classroom.
  • The kids will take a book and “read” the pictures to other children.  It shows that they know the stories and have been read the books repeatedly.  
  • The bilingual books help (Spanish speaking) children and parents learn English. 
  • Gets parents more interested in other cultures and languages.
  • Parents recognize book titles and talk about their child’s response to books with other parents.  Parents talk about children asking for reading time at home.


  • We had great parent participation and they all commented on how GREAT they thought the day was!   Kids were so PROUD when they got their bags!
  • I have overheard moms telling kids they will stop at library on their way home (since blue bag library day).
  • WONDERFUL! Library staff was excellent, parents were involved and enthusiastic. Parents loved how each child was made to feel special. 
  • They were very happy to go to library and choose whatever book they wanted.
  • What a gathering! My kids were so excited to be together outside the classroom. Everyone participated and their parents took me out to dinner!
  • Parents love their kids getting their own library cards and are now remembering how much the library offers.
  • Kids feel more responsible for library books and bags.  This was a big day for the kids, and emphasized to parents that reading and spending quality time with their kids is very important.