Your contribution will help us:

Address the Roaring Fork Valley’s need for effective pre-literacy programs. 1 in 3 children entering kindergarten lack basic pre-reading skills!

Target children in the first five years of life; a vital development window when the brain establishes the foundation for all future learning. This window begins to CLOSE at 5 years.

Reach the toughest, most critical populations  in 10 communities from Aspen to Parachute: low-income families, parents with education, language and cultural barriers and families with both parents or single parent working.

Empower parents to bond more deeply with their child through the “read aloud” experience. By educating parents about the benefits of frequent reading, the child’s capacity to learn is strengthened. Building strong literacy skills is a key factor in determining high school graduation and life-long success.

Develop kindergarten readiness skills… book knowledge, print knowledge and reading comprehension by consistently connecting families with the tools to bring reading alive. Books build brains. Raising A Reader is a research and proven-outcome based program that affects community change.

Cultivate increased monthly library visits. Pitkin County Library, Basalt Regional Library and the six Garfield County Public Libraries participate and support the Raising A Reader program through the Blue Bag Library Days.

Inspire families to share books together; developing a love of books that research supports will improve a child’s chance for a successful future.

Support our teachers: Early Learning Fund provides teachers with updated early literacy and brain development data. Our annual Story Festival provides an all day teacher conference facilitated by nationally recognized educators.

Now in our ninth year, we will reach 1,800 preschool children, newborn to 5 years old, in 100 classrooms from Aspen to Parachute.

Your Investment in “Raising A Reader” Will Make a Significant Difference In the Lives of 1,800 Preschool Children In the Roaring Fork Valley and Upper Colorado River Valley.

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