About Us



Reading Success Starts With A Love Of Books!

Raising A Reader Aspen to Parachute provides programs that foster in young children a love of books and the early language skills, vocabulary and print awareness necessary for early reading success.  Our strategy encourages read-aloud time at home and an abundance of positive verbal interaction between parents and children. And oh yes, we provide lots of books, too!

What are We Doing?

  • Weekly Book Bags:  Over 1,800 children from Parachute to Aspen bring home a red canvas book bag every week with four age-appropriate books to share with family.
  • Guidance for Parents: When parents and children bond through reading time and lots of engaged talk, children are better prepared for reading success. Our group parent sessions provide research background, strategies and sharing opportunities to help families improve these critical bonds.




  •   2004- Jayne Poss of Aspen starts  Roaring Fork Valley Early Learning Fund (now dba Raising A Reader Aspen to Parachute).
  • Founded to address concern that 1/3 of children in Colorado and locally reach kindergarten unprepared for the learn-to-read process.
  • We are an independent nonprofit organization based in Glenwood Springs that uses the Raising A Reader model developed on the west coast and used by independent organizations nationwide.
  • 2009- Rick Blauvelt became Executive Director.


  • Assure reading success by building the language and literacy skills of children during their first 6 years of life.
  • Engage parents in the literacy development of their preschool-age children through read-aloud time, songs, games and lots of conversation at home (newborn to age five).
  • Engage parents in the reading development of their children during the K-1st  years.
  • Increase library usage among families.
  • Ensure that families have an abundant supply of books.
  • Encourage read-aloud time and verbal engagement well into their school years.


  • Deep bonds through family engagement and shared love of learning
  • Love of Books and Language
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Age appropriate language acquisition to support healthy brain development
  • Reading Success –  Early Primary School Years
  • Strong Links to Libraries